Reduce servo-speed on startup - arduino with mini maestro12


i want to attach servos to an optical lens to adjust focus and zoom.
I´m programming an arduino (arduino library on github) with the mini maestro 12.
It´s very nice that you can reduce servospeed and acceleration, because the focus and zoom-ring aren´t very easy to move.

My problem is the first setTarget-Command, because the limitation of speed and acceleration does not work. I guess its because the maestro doesn´t know on which position the servo starts.

Now my idea was to set the target and then detach the servo several times,so the moving of the servo is interrupted after a little time like go-wait-go-wait-go-wait-go until it is in its first position.

But i didn´t found a command that causes the servo to interrupt its move.

Hase anyone solved a problem like this?

Many greetings from Oerlinghausen,

Hello, Stefan.

You are correct; the Maestro cannot determine a servo’s position upon startup (servos do not make their feedback available).

The Maestro does not support interrupts, so there is no command that pauses a servo’s movement. However, there are ways around the issue of not having speed and acceleration control on the servo’s first movement. You can find more information under the last question under the “FAQ” tab of the Maestro product page.

- Amanda