Red LED on Pololu USB AVR Programmer (with Baby Orangutan)

I can’t use Baby Orangutan cause Programmer doesn’t recognize it (red LED blinks). BO is connected with 8V battery and there’s red and green LED on it (working). Maybe I miss some software to install, but I’ve checked BO and Programmer guides.
Please, help me. I hope it’ll work.

P.S. I use Arduino IDE, but it doesn’t matter, I hope.


The Baby Orangutan cannot be used with the Arduino IDE without doing some configuring. You should follow the steps in the “Programming Orangutans and the 3pi Robot from the Arduino Environment” guide that is linked to from the Resources tab of the Baby Orangutan’s product page to get the Arduino IDE set up properly.


I’ve read this guide and configured all according to it. But it didn’t help. I suppose that the problem is that programmer can’t recognize BO as a correct device. And I have no idea about how to fix it.


Can you post pictures of your setup that show all your connections clearly (e.g. connections between the AVR programmer, Baby Orangutan, and power supply)? Can you also post a screenshot of your Device Manager showing the AVR programmer entry and a screenshot of your Arduino IDE showing the Port and Board selection under the Tools menu? Also, if you are getting any error messages in the Arduino IDE when trying to load your program onto the Baby Orangutan, can you post a screenshot of them too?

- Amanda