Recording using a radio transmitter?


Pardon my ignorance, I’m sure if I read through the whole manual I might find the answer but for time saving sake, can someone please advise me?

Is it possible to control the maestro directly in real time using signal from a RC receiver? I’m hoping to control and record the servo movements/signals in real-time using my transmitter instead of having to manually set it one command at a time on my pc. I understand that my maestro only has one rx input channel so my question sounds kinda silly. Just wondering if there are any clever solutions or software etc. that can record signals from my RC receiver (hopefully something simple and straight forward, I can’t write codes to save my life) maybe something that can record the signals on a pc and converts/transforms it into real-time sequences that I can import into maestro control center?

Hope you guys understand what I mean… Takes only a few seconds for me to perform the sequence on my radio but takes a painful hour to manually enter and adjust one command at a time in control center. Any solutions? Thanks in advance!


Hello, XSSSX.

Unfortunately the Maestro does not have any capability for reading/measuring servo pulses, and I don’t know of any existing hardware/software combination that can do what you want.


If the Maestro could read/measure RC servo impulses coming from an RC Receiver, that would open up many more possibilities for the use of the product. I have several RC servos moving small potentiometers that the Maestro then reads. Crude, but it works.

It is possible to read the servo signal from the receiver using a simple circuit. The circuit contain only two components a resistor and a capacitor connected as an RC-filter. Set the port to be used as input and use the get_position command, the reading will be 30-90 (approx) depending of the pulse length from the receiver. I used the example script “Using an analog input to control servos” in the documentation as a starting point.