Recommended current sensor for 220V AC?

I just want to know what kind of product do you recommend for current measurement of a typical European home electric line (220V-50Hz). I think ACS714 should work. Is this correct?



According to the datasheet for the ACS714, it is designed for a maximum input voltage of 184 VAC. The only current sensor we carry that would work with 220 V is the ACS709; unfortunately, since it has such a wide sensing range, its output sensitivity is very low and you will probably not get very accurate readings if you are measuring small currents (which is likely to be the case at 220 V unless you are working with a very high-power system).

Since working with mains electricity involves high voltages and currents that can seriously injure or kill you if something goes wrong, you should be very careful, and we recommend that you get help from a qualified person if you are not absolutely sure what you are doing.

- Kevin