Reading Yaw Pitch n Roll only from the serial port for UM6

Does UM6 come with any firmware that reads only the Euler angles Yaw , Pitch n Roll from the serial port ? I am understand the firmware that is loaded reads not just that but also individual sensor data with other parameters as well.

See section 11.1.1 of the UM6 data sheet for communication options.

Thanks a lot for your reply.

I was wondering if it also comes with an auto calibration routine for accelerometers.

I noticed that the device was working fine and after a power cycle, all of a sudden, changes in the yaw axis affect the roll axis as well and vice versa. Is this a calibration problem ? i tried resetting to factory settings, but did not help.

I am quite new to this. Please pardon my inadequacy

Is it too much trouble for you to read the data sheets and other documentation?

I did. It doesnt address why changes in one axis affects the other.

Read about the possibility of “gimbal lock”, a case in which Euler angles become degenerate and axes seem to interact, in the UM6 documentation here: … Angles.pdf

Read about calibration in the UM6 data sheet here: