Reading voltage using Orangutan B-328

I’m using an Orangutan B-328. How can I read the battery’s (Li Ion) voltage like mentioned in the AVR Library Command Reference for, for example, the 3pi and the svp?


The 3pi and Orangutan SVP both have voltage dividers that allow them to read the battery’s voltage with one of their analog inputs. The Baby Orangutan B-328 does not have an internal voltage divider, but you could add one. Please note that the Baby Orangutan’s analog inputs can only accept voltages between 0V and 5V, so you should choose resistor values for your voltage divider that scale the maximum voltage of your battery (when fully charged) to a voltage no higher than 5V. Once the voltage is read by the Baby Orangutan, you can multiply it by the amount the voltage was divided by to get the voltage of the battery.

- Grant

Thanks Grant, that is a thorough answer, this is very helpfull.