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Reading QTR sensors on a Wixel?

I would like to read QTR sensors on my Wixels. There doesn’t seem to be
a pre-existing QTR library in the Wixel SDK (ala qtr-sensors-arduino). Are there any tutorials or
documents about how to read QTR sensors from a Wixel?

We do not have any pre-made Wixel apps to use with our QTR sensors, but you could write your own. You can find information about doing this in the “Writing Your Own Wixel App” section of the Wixel user’s guide.

I am not sure if you had a specific type or number of QTR sensors in mind, but it would be easier to use the analog versions since you would only need to call one function to read them (adcRead). The Wixel supports up to 6 analog inputs.


Thanks Brandon. I currently only have digital QTR sensors, of course. :upside_down_face:
I thought I might have to come up with something on my own and I had started looking through the arduino library but figured I’d ask first about a Wixel-specific library. Due to a reluctance to ask for help or advice in the past, I’ve inadvertently done loads of unnecessary work so am trying to avoid doing so again.