Reading device ID......Failed! ATtiny85

Atmel Studio 6
Pololu AVR USB programmer

I can read from and upload to an Atmega328p fine but when i try the ATtiny85 (Multiple new ones) I get “Reading device ID…Failed!”. I can read the voltage fine but no matter what i do (including adjusting ISP clock from 1.748 kHz up to 1.843 MHz) it will not read device ID not fuses nor program the ATtiny85.

Any suggestions?

Thank you.

Sorry…Now it’s working! I shut down the Atmel Studio, removed the USB programmer, then started Atmel Studio and tried to connect to my programmer…knowing darn well it wouldn’t connect. I received the woarning that Atmel Studio could not connect to STK500, then plugged the USB programmer in and VOILLA! It connects! What the heck is that about?

Anyhow…I’m programming again. Have a wonderful day!