Re: need help with Tamiya Tank

Hello Everyone!
I am desperatly seeking help to gear down my 1/16 Tamiya Tiger I…
I will take any suggestions (ie: larger gears, complete gearboxes or resistors) however… I am a complete newbie, but I learn quickly :smiley: so if you can recommend anything to slow my Tiger down to a more realistic 1:1 scale, because as it sits right now, if my tank were a real tank, running with the gears it came with, it would be a 70 ton tracked rocket, racing in to battle at around 200 mph! :open_mouth: Lol
I can add photos of the current motor/gearbox setup, but I really do not know much about what the gear ratio is atm, but I can find that info if needed.
Thank you very much in advance!

Best regards,


Hello, Levil.

I might be able to help you more if you posted more information and pictures. However, I suspect that the Tamiya educational robotics products we carry will not be compatible with the model you have. One thing you might try, if the electronics allow it, is supplying less voltage to the motors.

  • Grant