RE: LSM303DLHC Calibration

Hi Gang

I’ve recently purchased a LSM303DLHC sensor to use with an Arduino Micro. Being relatively new to Arduino I’ve decided to use the LSM303 library. I’m curious about the calibration process. Is this necessary because each sensor is slightly different or because of environmental differences? I suspect it’s the former as I’ve set up two separate units in the exact same position/way and have got different min/max values.

Any help would be greatly appreciated.


Jase :slight_smile:

Hello, Jase.

We found that the LSM303DLHC needs to be calibrated because there will be significant differences in each sensor from unit to unit. This means that the range of readings will be offset by a different value for each unit. Running the calibration sketch that the we provide should help you determine this range for your specific unit.


I have better luck with the calibration procedure described here: … ation.html

It takes a bit more effort to implement but the axis offsets and gains are much more reliably determined.

Hi Guys

Thanks for getting back to me. I will make sure I calibrate each sensor.


Jase :slight_smile: