RC Switch w/ Medium Low-Side MOSFET - Max VCC

Just ordered three of these, my first Pololu purchase.

Completely new to anything RC! Just purchased a Futaba 3 channel radio/receiver set. My application is fixed location remote controll of some DC lighting and a motor. The motor / lighting power source is a 12 volt gel cell, with a solar charger attached. My RC receiver power source will be a separate 6 volt gell cell (no solar charger, manually charge off site as needed).

I would like to supply VCC to the three RC switches from this same sourec. However, the web page is quite specific about the RC Switch VCC input range ( 2.0-5.5 volts). Will I fry the RC Switches if I supply VCC directly from the 6 volt gel cell battery?

Matt Grooms - San Antonio, TX

Hello, Matt.

Unfortunately, I cannot recommend directly connecting the 6V gel cell since that can get past 7V when it’s fully charged, so you’ll need to regulate that voltage to around 5V.

- Jan