RC Switch to bridge contacts - lost

I am trying to replace a 3 way switch with 2 Pololu Low Side Mosfet RC switches. I have the switches wired to the RC RX and have tested with a small motor and all is well.

I am trying to replace a handheld 3 way switch for a winch. One end of the switch is IN and one is OUT. Going into the switch are 3 wires. One +voltage and two that receive voltage depending on the switch state, either in or out. Those wires go into a relay box. I can’t get into the relay box because it is sealed with epoxy. Here is my sorta rough diagram.

So I am looking for the RC switch to just provide volts to it’s respective wire in place of the manual rocker switch. I have tried just about every combo of load, and power on the RC switch with no dice. Any idea what I am doing wrong?


I cannot tell what you are doing from your picture. Can you use some product pictures from our website to enhance your diagram to show how it is wired? By the way, in your existing setup picture, you only have one wire coming from your battery.

- Ryan