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RC Switch Medium Low-Side Mosfet

I’ve been looking for a reliable means to switch on/off a small 6 - 8 volt brushless cooling fan (2 pin) on an RC vehicle, from my transmitter, and at first glance the RC Switch Medium Low-Side MOSFET seemed that it would fit the bill… but I’m ignorant with anything electrically complicated, as I realized as I started to read the manual. Is it possible, at least easily, to run the Pololu RC Switch from a 6 volt supply to turn on/off a small brushless fan? I would run signal to a spare channel on the Rx, in the RC vehicle. I can tap into power from either the Rx or an additional BEC.

I have a simple PWM switch that I can control lights, but wasn’t sure if putting a motor on it would be ideal. That device is as simple as it gets. The Pololu is far more complicated than I realized.

Thanks for any feedback.


If your brushless fan can be activated by just supplying a voltage to it, I do not see any reason that RC switch should not work as long as your load is 15A or less.


Thank you. Yeah, probably not even an amp. As far as wiring, I assume the fan is connected to the two large center holes, where in diagrams shows the actual load. What I’m confused about is the two outer large holes where diagrams show load power supply… is a load power supply needed for this board… or just connect the fan and it will use the same power it uses from my Rx connection?

Yes, your fan should be connected to the pins shown for the “load” in the connection diagram. Additionally, you will need a power source at the pins designated for “load power” since that is what is being switched.


Perfect. Thank you.