RC Switch - GoPro Camera Controller Interface

I will start by confessing that I know next to nothing about R/C systems, so I am looking for validation from those who are better informed that what I think will work actually will work.

I am the designer of the cam-do controller board for GoPro cameras and am often asked about using the board in R/C planes, helicopters, robots, etc. [Actually, they usually ask if we can provide a long range transmitter for our remote control product, which seems redundant when they already have a working R/C system.]

While searching for data on what the R/C receiver outputs look like, I came across the Pololu RC Switch Pololu RC Switch with Digital Output, which appears to do exactly what my customers need.

If I have understood correctly, the Pololu switch will output the needed signal to trigger the cam-do board. The needed signal is 2.0 - 20 V - into a simple opto-isolator input. The signal needs to last at least 250 mSec. In other words, the same as lighting one LED.

Feeling overconfident, I have even written it up in the Application Notes for the controller board.

Please, if I have misunderstood something about R/C or the Pololu switch, tell me now, before I make a fool of myself.

Thank you, Pololu, for providing a simple, low-cost solution to this problem.


The RC Switch requires logic power (2 - 5.5 V) to be supplied to the VCC pin, and the outputs will be at the same levels as VCC. If your cam-do board has a 5V rail, you should instruct people to connect VCC to that rail. The VRC pin can be left disconnected as this doesn’t actually power anything on the board in its default state (or you can optionally connect VRC to VCC via the SMT jumper on the underside of the PCB if you want to use a single power source for your receiver and the RC switch, assuming that power source will not exceed 5.5 V).

Also, keep in mind that the OUT pin does not send out a pulse; rather, it just goes high and stays high for as long as the input is valid and above the threshold. Can the cam-do board operate with a steady high signal?

By the way, our company name is “Pololu”, not “Polulu” :slight_smile:

- Ben

Thanks Ben,

I have changed the references to Pololu - sorry about that!

My board can provide the Vcc, or a separate battery can be used. The input is isolated and can handle a wide input voltage. It will certainly work with any output from the Pololu board.

Yes, I was assuming it stayed high as long as the signal was being received.

I will note that the VRC connection is optional.


My name is Dean from CamDo - I just wanted to provide an update to this - we have released our new Bullet controller and recently had a customer use an Radio Control (RC) controller to trigger the shutter on a series of cameras from many hundreds of meters away. Read the blog post here. I have to say the Pololu board was a pleasure to use and worked straight up.

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Hello, Dean.

We’re glad the RC switch worked for your customer. Thanks for the update.