RC Radio Control

I am interested in the Romi kit. I am looking at the chassis, motor, and Motor Driver and Power Distribution Board kit. I would like to control this with a standard hobby RC/Radio Control unit. Specifically this PWM receiver, with one channel per motor for forward and backward. Is there a way to connect the two channels to the Romi board? Can the receiver output into the PWM input for each motor on the board? Or should I just bypass the board and connect directly to the Romi motors with a standard two channel hobby ESC?


The Motor Driver and Power Distribution Board for the Romi Chassis requires duty-cycle based PWM signals; while RC servo signals are a type of PWM signal, they will not work correctly as inputs for that board. If you use a separate ESC like you mentioned, you might consider using the simpler Power Distribution Board for the Romi Chassis instead. We have a few Motor Controllers that can be configured for RC control, but they are much more powerful than you would need for the motors on the Romi.

Alternatively, you could use the Romi 32U4 Control Board or add a separate microcontroller and program that to interpret the RC signals and drive the motors as desired.


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