RC Line Follower + Camera


I’m new to the ground robotics world (I do UAV research). I need a pretty specific line following robot for a project I’m working on and am wondering if I can make the 3pi do what I want. I need to a small robot that can do the following:

  • Follow lines set out in a grid pattern
  • Mount encoders to the wheels for distance estimates
  • Communicate with a base computer via RC link or modem (I need the computer to be able to tell the robot to go left, right, or straight when it reaches an intersection)
  • Mount a single axis gimbaled camera on the top
  • Stream live video back to the base computer

I would appreciate any help I can get.



Most of what you need is not on the 3pi, so you’ll have to assess if it makes sense to add it all yourself instead of getting something that has more integrated to begin with. The encoders in particular might be kind of difficult add on. In general, you should probably use an expansion board to add your own main microcontroller, and use the 3pi as a slave base that you control over a serial connection.

- Jan