RC lawnmower with jrk 21v3

I don’t do Forums often (this the first) but I do want to see this guys camera rig. I really enjoy what Pololu offers us for being able to animate our dreams.

There’s not much to my mower really, I’ll try to upload some photos of it. so you can get the scope of the design. Please don’t judge my messy work space and dirty mower I had to do R & D while I was building it so I knew it would cut properly. I don’t know why the pictures are so big. If you can’t see them, I can try to resize them down some.

I would like to say that I LOVE these jrk 21v3 and jrk 12v12 units. Controlling the parameters with my laptop is…well…the best thing since grilled cheese! Without them people like me would have to rely on little powerless (no offense little roboteers) servos to do the big jobs that they are just not designed to do. I would like to see Pololu come up with yet one size larger, still affordable, unit that can handle a continuous 30A with 40V. That gives me some ideas for controlling some bigger heavier things!

That looks like an impressive conversion. What is the hobby servo on top of the steering mechanism? Is that part of the first attempt that didn’t work?

- Kevin