Rc control of micro maestro?

I did a bit of searching of the forum and found a few topics on this but they’re super old so I thought I’d raise the question again to see if it’s been done or any tutorials?

It has rx tx pins but they’re in ttl so I assume I can’t just hook up a standard drone rc reciever that I have a lot of to it directly? I need another controller to convert the reciever to ttl?

I also searched youtube but couldn’t come up with anything?

Is there another controller that people use for this type of thing? For instance I want to make a walking robot that could also be controlled by rc… So it would execute a walking script at a certain % of speed depending on how far I push the stick of a controller forward?

Can the maestro do that or should I look for a different controller and what is that?

Also just potentially to control the channels and set up a particular pattern of motion having the ability to control it via a transmitter would also be helpful?

Hmm I was asking chatgpt I guess I need an arduino to convert the signals… is that right?


The Maestro cannot accept hobby RC signals as inputs. to do something like what you’re describing, you could use a separate microcontroller such as an Arduino or one of our Arduino-compatible A-Star 32U4 controllers to process the signals and communicate with the Maestro (I recommend the A-Star 32U4 Micro if you’re looking for something compact). If you go with that option, you might find our Maestro Servo Controller library for Arduino useful for simplifying the communication.


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