Raspberry Pi Telepresence Rover

Hey all, thought I’d share where I’m at so far with my RPi telepresence rover featuring a pile of Pololu parts :slight_smile: Details here

It’s wifi based, uses webiopi to directly control Pololu DRV8835 motor drivers running Pololu 30T track kit with extra idler wheel.

The RPi is in a Cyntech case on a lexan base, everything powered by a 6C NiMH through a Pololu 5V 3A step-down regulator.

The camera is a Microsoft LifeCam HD-6000 with capture by mjpg-streamer.

The control panel uses JQuery to call webiopi api and display the streaming image.

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Awesome job! Thanks for sharing your work. We will be adding your Rover to our community products page.


P.S. We can never have enough cats on the Internet! :smiley:

Very nice job!