Rasberry Pi Remote Control 32U4

I have been following this tutorial https://www.pololu.com/blog/663/building-a-raspberry-pi-robot-with-the-romi-chassis#comments. I can’t figure out what program to run the server.py to get it so I cam access my servers ip remote control. Also where do I log into the remote control from? Is it my computer or phone or is it the raspberry pi itself. So confused need help. ty


To start server.py, you need to log in to your Raspberry Pi and run the command given in part 4 of the tutorial:

python3 pololu-rpi-slave-arduino-library/pi/server.py

This will start a server running on your Raspberry Pi. Then, from a phone or computer on the same local network, you can use a web browser to access http://<ip>:5000/ where <ip> is the IP address of your Raspberry Pi. This will establish communication between your web browser and the server running on the Raspberry Pi.