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Radio Telescope Altitude/Azimuth Control

Hi, I’m an Amateur Astronomer/Citizen Scientist owner of a fully automated science producing optical Observatory mainly engaged in Exoplanet research and the discovery of near earth objects/asteroids.

I decided to also build a n Amateur Radio telescope for the detection of the Galaxy Hydrogen line, Pulsars and Masers (I also needed the dish for Ham Radio Earth Moon Earth communication).

The most difficult part of building the mount for the dish was to implement a remotely/computer controlled Altitude/Azimuth motor system, and that’s where Pololu came through with their Simple Motor Controllers which made it easy to implement the desired solution.

Following a couple of links showing the system and the second link a little presentation of the Radio Telescope’s results.


Pablo Lewin (WA6RSV)
The Maury Lewin Astronomical Observatory
Glendora, CA. USA


this is so cool.