Radio controller to record to micro maestro

I am programming a 5 servo robot and have found it difficult to do in the Pololu software. I think I want to get servo joystick controller to make the movements. My question is can I move the servos with the joysticks but still get it recorded to the micro maestro?

I moved your post to the “Servo controllers and servos” section of the forum since it is about the Maestro.

It is not entirely clear to me how you are planning to control the servos with a joystick and still use the Maestro, but standard servos do not give access to their internal feedback, so the Maestro cannot track a servo’s movements to record them. For example, when you save a frame in the Maestro’s sequencer, it saves the current target position of each servo channel (not some position being reported by the servo).

What kind of difficulties are you having with the Maestro Control Center? Do you have any specific questions or feedback from your experience?


Just to be clear, if you used an analog joystick connected to the Maestro, and wrote a Maestro script so it controlled the servo channels, you would be able to use the Maestro’s sequencer to save the positions since the state of the Maestro channels is what is actually being saved. So, if you just don’t like using the sliders to set the positions, this might be an option. However, please note that it will only save the positions for each frame and not the timing or the speed of the movements.

Also, if you are using 5 servos with your 6-channel Micro Maestro, you will only have room for 1 analog input, so that option might not be practical for you (since analog joysticks typically have 1 output per axis).