Radio Control 32u4 Zumo

I just purchased a Zumo 32u4 and have looked through much of the sample code. I see that it’s possible to hookup a standard RC PWM receiver to the Arduino-based Zumo and am wondering if you have sample code showing either a PWM or PPM receiver connected to a 32u4-based Zumo.

Thank you.


There is an “RCControl” example we added to Zumo 32U4 library. If you previously downloaded the library, but have not updated it recently, you might be able to update it using the Arduino IDE Library Manager. Otherwise, you can find installation instructions in the “Zumo 32U4 Arduino library” section of the Zumo 32U4 User’s Guide, which is linked to on the “Resources” tab of the product page.


Thank you very much and my apologies for missing that. I scanned through quickly and thought it was part of the IR remote control example. Again, thanks for the quick reply!