Radio channel range

With the current radio register settings, the channels range from 2403.5 to 2476.5 MHz.
The full ISM band is from 2400.0 to 2483.5 MHz.
What was the rationale for not using the full ISM band? I’m thinking of changing these settings so I’d like to know if I should be aware of any potential issues.


When we were developing the Wixel, we had to do a lot of experiments to find radio settings that worked well. When we were doing these experiments, it seemed like the FREQ0, FREQ1, FREQ2, and MDMCFG0 registers had a large effect on the throughput of our Wireless Serial app, so we picked values that seemed to work well based on those experiments. Since most Wixel apps just use a single channel, there was not much of an incentive to spread the channels out to cover the whole ISM band. By the way, those settings just control the center frequency of each channel; there will be some spread of emissions above and below the center frequency.


Alright, thanks David.