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Radio Alternative Suggestion?


I have an application where I am operating a Wild Thumper 100’ away in a thick walled steel tank. My concern is my Spectrum DXi Radio will not be able to control the vehicle in the steel tank.

Does anybody have any suggestions on a wired controller or alternative solution?




I have barely done any signalling over distances but these are some things I’ve heard about that you might look into:
[ul][li]RS485[/li][li]some kind of signal over RJ-45[/li][/ul]
I be interested to know what you end up doing.

- Ryan


Here’s a novel idea use the steel tank as the arial for the receiver.
Or make a trig station from outside to inside using another set of tranemiter / reciever.
They may have to be a different frequence.


You should look at some sort of repeater. If the rover sits inside a steel tank the RF signal would likely not reach inside; so you need to relay that RF link into the tank.