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R2d2 foot motors

Life size R2d2 I built out of cardboard, spackle, posterboard, foamboard, 2x4’s in 3 legs and support beam inside body. I need to know if 2 of the 37 150:1 12v motors would work as foot motors. I have successfully used the 37 30:1 12v motor for the dome which I am well pleased. I have extremely limited spacing in the feet therefore I need a smaller motor with super torque. Will 2 of the 37 12v 150:1 work?


Your R2D2 robot looks great!

Unfortunately, without some more detailed characterization of the load they will be under, it is hard to say whether or not any of our motors would be appropriate. How much does your R2D2 robot weigh, and approximately how fast do you want it to move?

At minimum, if you use our motors I expect that you will need to decouple the radial load from the gearmotor, such as by connecting your wheels through belts and pulleys or chains and sprockets.

- Patrick

I am not sure on the weight unfortunately. And I have extremely I mean extremely limited space for the motors so I wont be able to use belt, chain and sprocket. Just wheel with adapter to motor

How much weight can the 37 150:1 12v manage?

We do not have the radial load limits for our gearmotors well characterized, but probably something like 1 - 1.5 kgf would be the practical limit per 37D motor. It would be better to have some kind of gear or belt system so that the motor shaft itself does not need to support the weight of the robot, but it doesn’t sound like that is an option for you.

Probably none of our motors are going to be appropriate for your application, but to find something appropriate you are almost certainly going to need to know how much your robot weighs. Even a rough estimate would be helpful; maybe you could prop it up on a bathroom scale, or you could pick it up and stand on the scale with it.

- Patrick