Quietest servo?


I recently bought a MicroMaestro and an assortment of small servos to automate some testing. While I’ve found that the “Sub-Micro Servo 3.7g (Generic)” (#1053) does a good job and is a little quieter than the GWS PICO, since this is supposed to run for extended periods in my cube, my ears and my neighbors would like it to be as quiet as possible.

I’ve played with the speed and acceleration on the controller to get it as quiet at I can without it being toooo slow (it needs to move ~45 degrees in 1/2 second or so - not high speed by any measure). It still makes a fairly “skreetchy” sound, and it repeats every 3 seconds or so.

Without getting outrageous (the “payload” is about 3 sq in of 0.032" polycarbonate with a couple of sqinches of 0.003" Mu metal on it…) is there anything you have that would be significantly quieter?

thanks (I love the MicroMaestro - fun little toy and great $$)


Unfortunately, we do not have the noisiness of servos characterized, and I do not remember one that is particularly quiet. In general, the smaller ones tend to have higher gear ratios, so going to a larger servo might result in a little less volume. If you try a few and find one to be noticeably quieter, please let us know.

- Jan


Thanks - I guess. I ordered a selection yesterday (506, 507, 1056, 1058) and will post whatever I find relative to the tiny ones I have now…