Quick question regarding RS-232 and MiniMaestro

Hello wizards

I have a bunch of servos hooked up to a MiniMaestro and the Maestro is hooked up to an Arduino Mega via serial TTL. The Arduino needs to be placed aprox 3 meters from the Maestro and so the question is as follows:
Can I connect a TTL to RS-232 on both ends and run the communications via a regular db9-cable without making changes to the code? I’m not an expert in this in any way, but the wiring is all good although I’m not certain the RS-232 to TTL-converters are “standalone” or if the function has to be somehow implemented in the code.

Thanks beforehand


Yes, that should work.The RS-232 to TTL converters change the voltages at which the digital signalling works between the two of them, but the converters will handle that and all of the bits will be the same, so code changes shouldn’t be necessary.


Ait glad to hear, thanks a bunch!