Questions regarding IR beacon


I am currently designing a robot that requires the need for direction finding.

The IR beacon seems perfect for this.

However, I’m hitting some road blocks with getting the transmitter beacon to work.

My current setup is that the beacon is getting around 9 volts.

On the documentation, it says that the enable pin needs to be set to high (5 volts ) in order to enable the beacon.

I fear that this is a typo, because this tutorial uses the same beacon and is saying that the pin is high by default. … eacon.html

So currently, I just have power going to the IR beacon and when testing the transmitter with a Samsung Galaxy S3 camera or with a point-and-shoot camera (Canon from 2003), there is no infrared appearing on any of the emitters.
There green led is however turned on and some of the red leds are turned on also.

Is there some extra setup required to get the transmitter beacon functioning?

Ok I found out the problem… I needed to dim the lights near the board in order to notice the infared emission on the camera.