Questions about Pololu RC Switch with Relay


I realize the RC relay was intended for use with RC receivers, but I have another application…

There are these very affordable WiFi LED controllers that use a PWM output to control LED strips, commonly R G B, and sometimes WW and CW (for Warm White and Cool White) I don’t use the White channels currently, but would like to use them to control something else, via a relay. The problem is many of these LED controllers “ramp up” the brightness when you turn on a channel, as opposed to just going full on. This causes a problem if I simply attach a relay directly to the WW channel, as it ramps up to full brighness, the relay whines or “sings” prior to getting picked.

I would like to use your product to detect or learn when the WW channel gets to full brightness, and then pick the relay. Possible? I see there is a programing/learn function, but what I’m not fully aware of is how LED PWM control varies from RC receiver PWM output.

Thank you for your input.


The PWM signals that your LED controller produces are probably different than the “PWM” signals that RC controllers use, so the RC switch is probably not appropriate to use with your LED controller. You can read more about the kind of signal the RC relay board expects in this blog post.