Questions about Pololu Pushbutton Power Switch LV

Hi there:

My questions are about Pololu Pushbutton Power Switch LV. I need to achieve the following:

  1. The device must be turned ON automatically when the power is applied (without need of pressing the push button).
  2. The device must be turned OFF when a high level is applied tu OFF pin.

Can reach the point above by shorting the two push button pins?.

  1. Does it have reverse protection?. The voltage difference beetwin In and Out cold be as high as 2 volts more in the OUT than the IN, when de device is turned off.

Many thanks for your help.


Other users have reported that shorting out the pushbutton achieves the behavior you want in points 1 and 2. The unit does NOT have reverse protection, and you can see in the block diagram on the switch page that there is effectively a diode from Vout to Vin, so you would have to add separate reverse protection yourself.

- Jan