I am looking for a solution for a linear regulator. I appreciate any help. I am looking for something that would mimic a NCP630 regulator. I was looking at this model and from what I am needing it looks similar. Would this be something that is do able?

Here are some specs from the NCP630

• Output Current of 3.0 A
• 1.25 V Maximum Dropout Voltage at 3.0 A Over Temperature
• Voltage on Shutdown Pin is TTL Compatible
• Reference/Output Voltage Trimmed to 1.5%
• Current Limit Protection
• Thermal Shutdown Protection
• −40°C to 125°C Junction Temperature Range
• Pb−Free Packages are Available
• Microprocessor Power Supplies
• DSP Power Supplies
• SMPS Post Regulation
• Battery Chargers


You posted this in the “Other Pololu Products” forum - are you looking for a Pololu product? We do not sell any linear regulators, but we have a number of switching regulators that could potentially work for you. But your post makes it really hard to understand what you want.

If you want help finding something that will work in your application, you should tell us about your project and what your requirements are, not what the capabilities of some other part are.


Sorry my project consists of 2 3.7 to 3.6 volt lithium ion batteries ran to a regulator then from there to a switch (horn switch) to a battery connection. This regulates the voltage to 5v at 3 to 5 amp depending on the regulator. I am wanting to take this battery box and make it variable volt from 1.2 to 6 to 7 volts. I want this unit to be efficient and keep heat low so I would prefer for the amps to be around 5 amps.

Yes, Paul I am very interested in using your switches to regulate my output voltage from 1.2 to 7 volts.

Does this help? Sorry I went to school for Electronics but its been a couple years, so please excuse my absences in some of terminological errors.


Can you give me a link to the 5V regulator that you already have? What is the variable voltage for? Why do you want to go to 5V first instead of making the variable voltage directly from the batteries? We do not sell any adjustable regulators with such high current outputs, but here are a few switching regulators that can go from 7V to 5V and provide 3A of current:

#2177 5V 3A BEC Step-Down Voltage Regulator
#2110 Pololu Step-Down Voltage Regulator D15V35F5S3
#2111 Pololu Step-Down Voltage Regulator D15V70F5S3