Question regarding S18V20F12

I have a need for a 12v buck/boost converter and I am looking at the S18V20F12 model, but I need 3 amps. Is it possible to run two of these units in parallel from the same power source? If not, can anyone recommend a 12v buck/boost that can handle 3 amps?


Hello Keith,

We do not recommend connecting our regulators in parallel, and generally, it is not easy to parallel regulators well.

Unfortunately, we do not carry any step-up/step down regulators that can handle 3A, and I do not have any recommendations where you might find some.


There are some higher current cheap chinese ones called “DROK” which might work. If you don’t get a bad one…
I have yet to have gotten a bad part from Pololu, which is not true of the greater cheap electronic world :frowning: