Question powering wixel with batteries

i have 5 AAA rechargeable batteries (phillips, 1,2V, 1000mAH each)… i want to power my wixel shield but when i use my multimeter the total voltage is 6,7 Volts and not 6V… Inside wixel shield user’s guide says that i can power the wixel in a range of 2.7-6.5V. could 0.2 V more than the recommended burn the wixel?

i can power the wixel from the arduino 5V pin but i prefer not… if someone can help… thank you!

p.s. my battery charger has a ΔV detection so i don’t know if my batteries are overcharged or if this is normal…

Why not use 4 batteries instead of 5?

i am not powering only the wixel… i also have an arduino and two motors. so i want my power source to be 6V…

It is always risky to exceed recommended voltages on electronics. If your cells are NiMH, then they are only nominally 1.2 V and during or shortly after charging, the voltage can be higher than 1.5 V per cell. So with 5 cells, the pack voltage can easily exceed 7 volts. This is very likely to destroy the Wixel.

Unless you know what you are doing, it is also not a good idea to power microcontrollers and motors from the same batteries. Finally AAA batteries are rather small to be powering motors for any length of time. What current draw do you expect from the motors?

i am using the 30:1 micro metal gearmotors from pololu ( so i espect at 6V 360mA each… my batteries are NiMh so i guess i have to power the wixel from the arduino… so far i had 4 cells (4.8V) so i didn’t have a problem for the wixel…

thanx for your reply!

Presumably you are using a motor controller, so that likely has a provision for separate motor and logic power supplies.

yes i am using the SN754410 Quad Half H-Bridge