Question on the Mini Maestro 24

I know that the Mini Maestro is supposed to be able to handle 24 servos, but does anybody know how many amps the board can handle?

I am going to be using half a dozen Hitech HS-805BB high torque servos and well as a bunch of smaller servos. According to the project documentation that I have the total servo power demand could run to 40-45 amps. Is this board liable to be able to support that?


40-45 A is probably more than you can practically get through wires to the board, so you should probably power the servos separately from the board. However, the power distribution traces on that PCB do not go anywhere else, so if you did break them, nothing else on the board would be damaged, and you could easily repair the board by soldering in some wire where the trace melted. So, it wouldn’t hurt much to give it a try. By the way, the blue terminal block is only rated for 16 A.

- Jeremy