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Question on 3pi+ board component

I accidentally ripped off what looks to be a fuse on my 3pi+. I am looking through the documentation trying to identify it but have not found it yet. I have attached a couple of images hoping someone knows it’s purpose. Want to see what it is before attempting to re-solder…

Thank you!

Hello, bg305.

That part is C20 in the 3pi+ 32U4 Control Board schematic; it is a 1uF decoupling capacitor between 5V and GND. If its separation is the only damage to the board, the 3pi+ will probably still work fine without it. Or, as an alternative to trying to solder the original part back onto the surface-mount pads, you could connect it or an equivalent 1uF capacitor across the nearby 5V and GND through-holes.


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Thank you Kevin!