Question about VOUT pin on S7V8F3 voltage regulator


I’ve two 3.3v voltage regulators on my circuit: one for converting USB power and one S7V8F3 for battery power. They are never connected at same time, I use a switch to choose between battery or USB.

With battery disconnected and USB connected (so S7V8F3 is unused), can I let the VOUT pin of S7V8F3 connected to 3.3v ? Will this destroy the regulator or not ?

Currently I’m always removing the S7V8F3 when pushing the switch to USB. That’s annoying :slight_smile:

Thank you.



Generally it is not good practice to power the output pin of a regulator, but we do not think it would immediately damage the S7V8F3 regulators.

By the way, have you seen our TPS2113A and FPF1320-based power multiplexers? It might be possible for you to use one of those to automatically switch between your two power sources.