Question about the inductor on the 5V, 5A Step-Down VR D24V50F5

I just have a basic question about the inductor used on the regulator. I have a project where the regulator may be within close proximity to some data lines and want to reduce the EMI the best I can.

Can anyone tell me if the inductor used is shielded? (From the looks of my unit it doesn’t appear that it is.)

And if it is not shielded, what the rating/value of the inductor is? (So that I can get a shielded replacement.)

-Thanks! Ben

Hi, Ben.

The inductor on that regulator is shielded. The easiest thing to do to mitigate EMI is usually keep your data lines as far away as possible, but since it sounds like that is not possible for you, you might consider putting some external shielding (like a grounded enclosure) between the regulator and your lines. If you do enclose the regulator, make sure you consider heat dissipation.