Question about the crimping pins and housing quality

I am a newbie when it comes to creating connectors this small and I recently bought a “DuPont” kit off of Amazon. The product was cheap so I didn’t expect high quality but it was way worse than I could have imagined. The Housings and pins are terrible and won’t latch on. A slight breeze from a fan could blow the pins and the housing apart.

After doing more research into this style of connection there are a lot of different styles and I am having a hard time determining what housing and pins won’t just fall apart just because I tried to plug them in.

I found that Pololu has exactly what I am looking for at very reasonable prices for a hobbiest, but I want to know that the pins and housing will not pull apart or fall apart with little to no effort.

Buying premade cables is not really an option for what I am doing so I would really prefer not to have to resort to them.

We have had plenty of success using the male and female 0.1" DuPont style crimp pins and connector housings that we offer, but please keep in mind that making good crimp connections with those parts usually requires good tools for the job and a decent amount of practice. We typically use the outer cavity on this crimping tool. In case it helps, here’s a video one of our distributors made demonstrating how to use the tool.

- Patrick

Ok thank you for the response. I have a fair bit of experience with larger crimpers and I am pretty sure I can the hang of the smaller ones pretty quickly. I will definitely watch the video you sent for reference.

Thank you for providing the links to the products as well.