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Question about PE2 use with A*star32U4 mini and 2598 encoder


I’m building a small robot using the A*star32U4 mini SV with a #2598 mag encoder and a LSLF7184 thrown in the mix… the question is - line 10 of AStar32U4Motors.cpp, it defines DIR_M2 as IO_E2… but in FastGPIO.h line 210, IO_E2 says pin 31…(HWB ? or is that really 33)…
anyway… I can’t see where PE2 is really brought out as a ‘pin’ on the mini SV module itself…
What did I miss?? seems like it is defined as a virtual pin or something…
forgot to add… there is a drv 8835 connected to this for the motor drivers…



The AStar32U4Motors class is intended for use with our A-Star 32U4 Robot Controllers (like this one). Since you are using an A-Star 32U4 Mini and you mention a DRV8835, you might be able to use our Arduino library for the Pololu DRV8835 Dual Motor Driver Shield for Arduino instead.



ahhh… thank you thank you!! this looks good… i’ve been away from coding for way too long since retiring 5 years ago…haha.
somehow I missed that there was a library for that component…