Question about my sensors

Hi , I’m trying to study my 3pi Robot …
in the simplified Circuit diagram exactly in the sensors part …

  • what is the use of MOSFET and what is it’s type or model ??
    thanks alot .


It sounds like you are describing Q4 on the 3pi simplified schematic diagram. Q4 is a generic N-channel MOSFET that controls the five QTR LEDs. When LEDON is pulled high, VBOOST is supplied to the QTR LEDs (so they emit IR light), and when LEDON is pulled low, that circuit is open and the LEDs are off.


Oh i got it thank you sir …
But may i ask what model did you use ? I need to study the datasheet of this Power MOSFET
Thanks alot

We do not commit to using a particular FET for Q4. Like I mentioned, it is a generic N-channel MOSFET, so anything similar to an AO3418 would work.


Thank you sit .
The reason of my question is to know if you using Power MOSFET as IR Pulser to get a high current through the Transmitters or not , so that i wanted to know the transistor model to study how it works , thanks alot .