Queries regarding calibration of Pololu 8RC sensors

This is our first time dabbling in Robotics. We’re in the process of making a line following robot using Arduino Uno microcontroller. The IDE we’re using is Arduino(version 1.0.5).

Components used:

  1. Pololu(Indian make)-We’re using all 8 sensors of the pololu array.
  2. Arduino Uno

Steps followed in calibration:

  1. Connecting all the pins of the pololu to digital pins of the Arduino Uno(pins 3 to 10).
  2. Connecting Vcc and Gnd of the pololu to 5v and Gnd of the Arduino Uno respectively.
  3. Within 10 seconds of uploading the code,we passed a black sheet across the sensors which were initially placed above a white sheet.

Problems faced:

  1. We DON’T seem to have the LEDon pin on the pololu sensor board!
  2. We’re unsure of the values appearing on the serial monitor after uploading the QTRRC example code(from the QTR sensors library).

The URLs to the pictures of our sensor board and serial monitor readings:
Pololu-- herosh.com/download/11169091 … 6.jpg.html
Pololu-- herosh.com/download/11169092 … 3.jpg.html
Serial Monitor-- herosh.com/download/11169093 … 2.png.html

i hope you can help us figure this out.

Thanks in advance!


The URLs in the previous message might not open. Please view these URLs.

herosh.com/download/11169104 … 6.jpg.html

herosh.com/download/11169105 … 2.png.html


Our QTR library code was written to work with our QTR Reflectance Sensors. The board you are using is not made by us, and I have no reason to expect it to work with our code.

What made you think that was one of our boards?

- Jeremy