Quadrature encoder on zumo chassis

Is it possible to use quadrature encoder on a zumo chassis with pololu micro metal gearmotors with extended shaft.


Yes, it is possible to use a quadrature encoder on a Zumo chassis with Pololu micro metal gearmotors with extended shafts. In fact, Pololu offers a variety of quadrature encoder options that are compatible with their micro metal gearmotors, including encoders with different resolutions and output formats.

Thank you for the information.


I deleted one of the posts in this thread which had incorrect and misleading information.

Here is a link to our selection of Micro Metal Gearmotor encoder kits. All of the encoder kits are compatible with the Zumo chassis kit, but there are a few important details to keep in mind.

  • Any of the magnetic encoder versions will stick up out above the chassis a little bit when the motor is installed and seated properly, and you might have to make some modifications to the acrylic plate that comes with the Zumo chassis kit to accommodate that by cutting or drilling some parts of it away. If you have a CAD program, you can look at this by downloading the 3D models available for the relevant products on their product pages under the “Resources” tab.
  • The optical encoders do fit in the profile of the chassis, but they are not compatible with the HPCB versions of our Micro Metal Gearmotors. Also the optical encoders are harder to solder to (they only have half-holes), and the output signals are not as clean or easy to use as the magnetic encoders.

Another option is to get one of our Zumo 32U4 robots, which includes encoders. The Zumo 32U4 is Arduino-compatible and based on the ATmega32U4 microcontroller. It has many other features like user buttons, a display, proximity sensors, and reflectance sensors for line following.

- Patrick