QTRX as proximity sensor

I want to use a QTRX-MD-02A as a simple proximity sensor. The object to be detected is white and ~ 10mm from the sensor.

Is calibration important for this, or can calibration be skipped in favour of just reading raw sensor values? I can experiment to find a reliable threshold value for detection.

I want to keep my code and machine startup as simple as is practical. Thanks.


It might be okay to not calibrate your QTRX sensors, but that will mostly depend on how consistent your operating conditions are. Ultimately, the best way to determine if you need to calibrate your sensors will be to test it out in your particular application.

One reason calibrating is helpful is that it normalizes the readings across different sensors, so if you only use one sensor, it becomes less important.

- Patrick

Thanks, Patrick. I’ll try it without calibrating. There are two sensors on this board, and I’ve programmed to use the lower sensor value of the two for detection. I’ll test each sensor separately though to see how they compare.