QTR8 library in micropython

Hello , i need to code my esp32 line follower robot with QTR8 sensor array using micropython, so i need library, can anyone help me i would be very grateful.


Unfortunately, we do not currently have a QTR reflectance sensors library specifically intended for use with an ESP32 in MicroPython. However, we have an Arduino library for our QTR reflectance sensors, and we have a MicroPython library for our 3pi+ 2040 robot, which includes similar reflectance sensors, so those might be useful references if you decide to develop your own library.

- Patrick

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One thing to note is that the MicroPython library for the 3π+ 2040 uses the RP2040’s unique PIO peripheral to read the robot’s reflectance sensors. It would be difficult to port to the ESP32.

I did a quick search on Google and found this project and from my initial scan of the code it seems like it is at least trying to do the right thing to read the sensors using pretty portable MicroPython code:

It might be a good starting point.


Thank you

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