QTR1A sensors stop working when we include our library


I have an interesting problem. I have a library to control my Rover that mostly controls a motor driver but also has Grove buzzer, touch sensor and ultrasonic sensors.

I am using the older QTR1A sensors (3 of them). I have them working fine with a simple line follow
sketch. However when I include my library (nothing else, no code, just the include), the sensors start getting 0 for all their readings. I have no idea why and I am out of ideas.

I’m uploading the sketch and the library. I hope somebody can point me in the right direction

Many thanks


Rover_Examples_Line_Follow.ino (4.3 KB)
Nexgen_Rover_v4.cpp (3.5 KB)
Nexgen_Rover_v4.h (1.9 KB)

Hello, Pete.

You specified the analog version of the QTR sensors (the QTR-1A Reflective Sensor), but your code looks like it is set up for the QTR-1RC version (i.e. you call qtr.setTypeRC(); in your initSensors() function). Could you clarify which version you’re actually using? Also, what microcontroller board are you using?

I don’t immediately see what would be causing that kind of problem, but you could try progressively commenting/uncommenting parts of the library to try to narrow it down.


Hi Brandon,
Many thanks for your reply. Yes I’m using these guys:

I guess I’m calling the wrong init function. Not sure if that would cause anything but I will try and use that method of eliminating the code bit by bit.

I’m using a PID algorithm for our robot which is working (quite) well with 3 of the sensors but I’m thinking that it could work even better with your later sensor arrays. I’ll get round to trying them soon.

Oh and I’m using an Arduino Nano (ch340 chip)

Many thanks


I would not expect the initialize function for the QTR-RC sensors to work with the QTR-A sensors, so I recommend fixing that first and seeing if your problem persists.


Hi Brandon,

Thanks again for your reply!
I changed the type to setTypeAnalog() which as I expected worked but no appreciable difference to the ‘RC’ method. I’ll keep it to analog from now on.

I worked out the issue by commenting out everything. The issue was pitches.h which redefines A1, A2 and A3 which are the sensors I am using. Hilarious!


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