QTR Sensors for mbed

Hi All,

I was looking for a library for the QTR Reflectance Sensors on the mbed platform.
But I could not find one.
So - I re-purposed the Arduino library for mbed.
I have notified Pololu that I had created this and they (Amanda) suggested that I post this information on this forum.


Note: it is just a first-cut and may need some corrections.
I have only tested with a QTR-8A, I do not have the QRT-8RC or any other reflectance sensors.

Let me know if you need an example program.

Hi, Matthew.

Thank you for sharing your library on the forum! We have added a link to your QTR sensor library for the mbed under the “Resources” tabs on all of our QTR reflectance sensor and mbed microcontroller product pages.

- Derrill