QTR-8RC missing component

Hi, i bought the QTR-8RC and just realized that there’s a missing component. It probably fell off while screwing the thing as it’s very near the mounting holes. Im afraid i haven’t been as carefull as i should have been…
The following pic shows the component im talking about:

Could someone be so kind to tell me what part this is ??? I think it’s a capacitor, but i can’t tell if it is the 0.1uF or the 1uF (i did’nt understand very well the schematics provided by pololu)
Any help would be very much apreciated

PD: Sry if i made mistakes writing this, english is not my native language

Hello, Piachnp.

Your English is fine. I am sorry to hear a part fell off your QTR-8RC array. That part is a 1.0µF 0603 capacitor. You can probably find some of these at a local hobby store or electronics parts supplier. However, if you have trouble sourcing a replacement locally, we can add a couple of caps to your next order. Just email us once you have placed an order and link to this forum post.


Thank you very much Emily for your speedy response, Pololu’s service at its best, keep up the good work :slight_smile: