qtr-8RC help me for Sensivity

Hello. First I apologize. Because I do not know English very well.
i have
3500 rpm dc motor, 12 V 1300 mAh li-po, arduino uno and Ardumoto, QTR-8RC sensor.

I researched. I compiled code myself.
I’m very confused about the pid control. The code is working normally. But I need more sensitivity at high speed.
I tested with the lowest and highest speed. (high speed, default speed).
i can not get the corners.i have to make a hard turn.(90 degrees, 45 degrees).
I also have 8 sensors. I would like to specify 2 sensors as the middle sensor.
Thank you.


It sounds like you might be working with our Arduino library for QTR Reflectance Sensors. If you have set up the code for an array of 8 sensors, the ‘readLine()’ function does use two sensors for the middle. 90 degree turns at high speed can be tricky and you might need to add something besides PID control to your code to handle that. You might look at the QTRRCRawValuesExample example code to see how to work with the individual sensor values which might allow you to detect conditions like that and handle them separately. You can find a link to a detailed guide for our QTR library on the “Resources” tab of the sensor’s product page.