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QTR 8RC Giving 2500

I am beginner and making my embeded system university project as lfr pid based but the problem is my qtr 8rc giving me 2500 in raw values example


Unfortunately, the QTR sensor array in your pictures is not one of our products, so I am not sure if our library will work with it and we cannot offer support for it. However, in case it helps, it looks like that board might be an analog version (not RC). I recommend looking at the documentation for your sensor to confirm whether that is correct, and if you continue having trouble you might try contacting its manufacturer.

If you want to try one of our QTR sensor arrays, then you can find them on our website, or you could get them from one of our authorized distributors.

- Patrick

You were right this is 8A version now i know, then i used 8A raw values example and it read values but the problem is that i m using arduin uno and its have only 6 analog pins so i can only used on 6 sensors and i want to use its value to use with pid control but i cant find any code to use 6 sensor and having difficulty to get exact position when using readLineBlack method

It is possible to use our QTR sensors library to read different numbers of sensors, but our examples for the analog version are actually already setup to read only six sensors on pins A0-A5 by default, so those should work on an Arduino Uno without modification. If the code you found is setup to read 8 analog sensors, then it is probably not our ours. Also, as I mentioned before, since you are not using one of our boards, I suggest trying to contact the manufacturer of your board if you continue having trouble.

- Patrick